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Lahti Mechatronics Network

Lahti Mechatronics Network is a network composed of active mechatronics cluster companies from Lahti and the Päijät-Häme region.

Tetsuro Mori of Japan coined the word Mechatronics in 1969 to describe the fact that the machinery also had to have intelligence in the form of electronics in addition to conventional mechanics. Later, the software has also been increasing in importance.

Lahti Mechatronics Network
Kehittyvä klusteri Developing Cluster

Innovation and collaboration

Lahti Mechatronics Network (or LMN for short) acts as a networking body, information source, and discussion platform for its member companies.

The current spearheads of our activity include the following:

  • different manufacturing methods
  • machining different materials
  • digitality in product development and manufacturing
  • robotics

The focus is on sharing information, knowledge, and experiences.

Lahti Mechatronics Cluster

The most significant industrial concentration in the Lahti region is the mechatronics cluster, which is formed by companies in the machinery, metal, and electronics industries along with their stakeholders.

Measured by turnover, staff numbers, and the number of companies, the mechatronics cluster is the most significant industrial cluster in the Lahti area. There are about 700 companies in the cluster, with a turnover of over 2 billion euros and a workforce of about 8,000.

The vision of the cluster is to develop and strengthen its sector in the Lahti region by utilizing the latest technology and high-level expertise, making it increasingly networked, internationalized, and innovative.


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